Stop Smoking 7-Day Challenge

QUITTERNEWRichard has proudly supported the British Heart Foundation’s annual No Smoking Day for some years. As part of this, he developed his 7-Day NoSmoking Challenge, which you can access for yourself right now!

Richard says, “we know that with support, smokers are more likely to succeed in quitting.” That’s why he is making his 7-day Challenge available to you.  “The Challenge contains all the guidance I regularly give to my one-to-one stop-smoking clients, before we meet for the one-off hypnosis treatment. It sets them up for success.” Richard tells of how some clients quite before they even have the treatment!


Sign up to his 7-DAY CHALLENGE to receive one supportive email each day, with challenges and tips to help you on your way to becoming a quitter. BONUS: Free Audio Guide and Hypnosis for quitting now included.

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As an extra incentive, get yourself sponsored! Collect the equivalent of 10p per cigarette saved each day for a month. Then donate that to a good cause – the British Heart Foundation at

Why not consider Hypnosis to help you Stop Smoking

Hypnosis is increasingly being recognised* as one effective way to help you quit. Recent client Rebecca, a 32 year old professional, said “It’s now been a week since our appointment. I have not once wanted to smoke, in fact I have not really thought about it at all. It’s only really been when people have asked me at work if I’m coming outside for a smoke that it has really come into my head and my response has been “don’t be silly, I don’t smoke”.

Read more about what research says about the effectiveness of hypnosis and other methods for stopping smoking here

*Lynn, S., Green. J., Accardi, M., & Cleere, C. (2010). Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation: The State of the Science. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 52(3), 177-181.