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As it’s that time of the year for giving, I’ve pulled together for you ALL the hypnosis recordings I’ve made available to download, free. Some are studio quality, and some are simply ‘working recordings’ that you can try as they are. Follow the links:
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Natural Chronic Pain Relief

Looking for Fast All Natural Relief from Chronic Pain?

Are you suffering from persistent back pain, neck pain, joint pain – or some other lingering pain? If you are, I imagine you have tried almost everything. Are you willing to try something very different yet surprisingly fast and effective? Right now? I’ll be honest with you, I have not yet had it not work when I’ve demonstrated it – as long as it is chronic pain.

Cause of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain used to mean pain that has lasted 6 months or longer.  But now we mean pain that has outlasted the original cause, which has since healed. Think of it as beyond its ‘sell-by date’, typically 6-8 weeks old. We are not thinking here about current damage or illness. So it may include upper or lower back pain, shoulder pain, including ‘frozen’ shoulder, or persistent pain in your arms or legs or hands for example, including some forms of repetitive strain injury and the like. The technique may possibly work for some kinds of tension headaches.

sportsinjurystockimagesProfessor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine Dr John Sarno said back in 2004 that, “What is actually causing the pain [in] people is not the herniated disc, or some of those other structural things, but a condition of mild oxygen deprivation, which is brought about by the brain simply altering the blood flow to a particular area. This mild oxygen deprivation is  what causes pain in muscle.” Even more importantly, “this is a result of negative emotions which have not been attended to at the conscious level.”

In simple language, chronic pain is the result of ignoring negative feelings.

So what’s the answer? Yes, pay attention to your negative feelings which most likely are right now out of your awareness. I’m serious. Are you willing to do this? Right, get ready. Make sure you fully commit to this – don’t mess about.

  1. Rate your current pain. On a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 is the worst it has ever been, how much are you feeling the pain right now?
  2. Now, go inside and find what emotion are you feeling right now?
    NOTE: a real basic raw feeling word  – like angry, sad, fear, hurt, guilt.
  3. Say out loud, “ I am feeling [emotion]”.
  4. Check the rating – it will have dropped.
  5. REPEAT the steps until the pain drops to 0 or 1.

You would expect to find a few different feelings. They may repeat. It should not take very long at all. Repeat this whenever the pain recurs, and in any case checking in on your emotions daily for a full week, so you develop a natural habit of awareness.

THAT’S IT! Let me know how you get on.


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