Successful treatments using Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy in Herts and London

Here are some examples of how I have helped people:

Longstanding significant weight challenges

Having previously had stomach surgery. “Not only do I now eat entirely differently, this change has taken no conscious effort on my behalf. An added benefit is that I am more focused in other areas of my life and am enjoying life more and not motoring though on auto-pilot.

“It’s certainly far less intrusive than other counselling methods. Just two weeks after we started our hypnotic work I have lost a stone in weight, and feel transformed. My energy levels have soared, I have no interest whatsoever in unhealthy life choices and feel 100% committed to sustaining the path I am on. Teresa.” Professional woman and first time Mum.

Woman on Lithium long term for anxiety and excessive fears at night

“I’ve been back at work for three weeks now.. I am feeling much better and people are amazed at how quickly I have improved – thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even my daughter is being friendly again after having virtually ignored me when was ill.  I’ve left that miserable safe box I have been living in for the past seven years so hopefully now I can make a happier life.  I have even booked up to go to some music ‘gigs’ myself and got some friends to come with me – would never have done that before. I am genuinely interested in your work and I often think back to some of the things that you said during my sessions. Thanks for your kindness, Catherine.” Experienced special needs teacher.

Unhealthy attitude to food

“Food has always been an issue. I abuse food, and I don’t enjoy it.” She ate a lot of processed food as well as snacking on breads, crisps and other high calorie things. “I have no set eating patterns.” Had tried Slimming World. “.. it has treated the anxiety, and that is what was actually the cause of my problem eating…We had pizza, and for some reason I left three pieces which is unheard of.” It was all about anxiety. You don’t realise it.”
“I was quite sceptical at first, and a critical factor was that you signed me up for a treatment package, because otherwise I don’t think I would have seen it through. It’s been life-changing and I’d like more of what you do!”  Nicola, 47 yrs old successful professional woman.

Fear of needles

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve had two blood tests in the past week! It’s been hard but I have been able to go through with them!  So something has worked  thanks for your help! Shelagh M.” 

All-pervading lifelong fear limited his lifestyle

“I’m constantly second-guessing myself, and rethinking any decision, and wondering what I should do. Not asking anything without over-thinking. It’s like an act. It’s combined with a terror of anything new. If I don’t know how to react in a situation then I don’t cope with it.” And when it comes to personal relationships, “because there are no rules – it’s not black and white – then I don’t do things. So then people think I’m not interested.” He said “I’m scared people won’t like me if I defend my corner and express my views. I’m also scared of failing, so I won’t set out on doing things, because it’s too much for me to face if I don’t reach my goal.” “Now much more confident – which is important because I’m hopefully moving flat! It’s like a realisation of a lifestyle that’s for living! I am so grateful for what you’ve done.” Patrick, 40 yr old care worker.

Lifelong restricted eating

40 yr old man wanted to resolve an eating problem that he’d known nearly all his life. He ate very limited food types, although you wouldn’t have known. He hid a fear of eating most foods. A weeks or so after the session he called to say: “Things are really going well. Food fear really seems to be sorted – trying new things each week!”  PR, 40, care worker.

Suffering from anxiety

This lady had previously been prescribed antidepressants 6 yrs ago and a course of CBT. “Hi Richard, Just sending you a quick email to follow up on our meeting last Monday. Things have greatly improved. The anticipation and anxiety is a lot less and I seem more calm and accepting of just letting things run their own natural course. I feel more self-assured. Many thanks for all your help, Kind Regards, B.” 49 yr old mum.

Smoking – single session treatment

Many smokers will recognize this lady’s pattern of having a smoke – “after a cup of coffee; before going for a walk; if nervous or stressed; after dinner as a ‘dessert’; with drink in my hand; with other smokers; before leaving for work and once home again.” Typically she got through between 6 and 15 cigarettes per day.

“Hi Richard, Thank you very much for your session yesterday, I walked out feeling very different from how I walked in.” A week later she wrote, “So it’s now been a week but not really been thinking about the time to be fare. Since our appointment I have not once wanted to smoke, in fact I have not really thought about it at all. It’s only really been when people have asked me at work if I’m coming outside for a smoke that it has really come into my head and my response has been “don’t be silly, I don’t smoke”. I want to thank you for helping me get to this stage. I also want to thank you for helping me start to understand why I do silly things like smoke. Following on from this, I think I may be booking you again to maybe work on some of my other issues (weight, confidence).” Rebecca, 32, professional.

Anxiety & fear of not getting to a toilet

14 yr old teenage boy, who was struggling with a “fear that I’ll need to go to the toilet, which haunts me and affects me doing things.” His mum wrote to say:  “He seems to be better following the session – he managed a 2 hour coach trip which was the real test. He doesn’t talk about it being a problem any more which is also a good indicator, so I guess we can say it is quite amazing after such a short amount of session work! Many thanks, and kind regards, Jo.” A relieved Mum.


“Mr Walker, Thank you very much for my treatment. I do feel so much better. I would like to leave it open and if anytime I feel poorly again I can come to see you. I would like to come and see you just before Xmas just as a safety measure.” Carol, 78.

Emotions from a recent relationship

“I hit a real problem in my life.” He’d had a relationship which ended, but still affected him emotionally. Seemed to hang around in his mind and get worse rather than better over time. He was diagnosed with mild depression and prescribed light medication by the GP. Resolved in one hour. Neil, 38, professional.

Restricted eating habits

“I’ve always been a very fussy eater. I eat so much cheese and pasta. Use to eat some meat and fruit, but now meat is difficult, and I can manage chicken with effort. Can’t eat fish.” “The texture of vegetables is difficult, and even fruit is a problem.” “So far so good with my progress. In the last week I’ve tried pork, beef and chicken with no obvious issues. I’ve have also eaten more veg. I have not had the chance to try fish yet but this is due to not having the opportunity to do so rather than not wanting to.” I am very happy with the progress so far! Update two weeks later: “Still going well!” Richard, 31 yr old airline pilot.

6 ½ yrs old girl, suffering from panic attacks.

Her Mum told me: “Since your work with her she seems like a totally different girl, many people have noticed the improvements in her. The fears she had have disappeared, she doesn’t seem to worry too much. I think she will always be a deep thinker but I feel you gave her the tools to deal with these issues.” “School have just reported that they have moved her up levels with reading and commented on her quiet confidence! I’m so pleased with what you did and thank you.” Claire, a concerned Mum.

Anger, jealousy, spitefulness

Taking things personally and fear of confrontation. Resolved in just three hours work. 49 yr old man. 

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