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Did you see this article “Young Minds – Schools call in therapists as stress soars among pupils” in last week’s Sunday Times? Education Editor Sian Griffiths’s laid bare the stress levels in our schools, and how they are struggling to cope. Many are calling on private therapists to overcome the backlog and delay in getting help for their students.

Did you know that there is a hypnosis programme that’s been developed for schools throughout the country to help pupils with stress and performance? No one is hypnotise of course – which is a common misunderstanding of what hypnotherapists do. In actual fact  we teach mental resilience and positive thinking strategies to overcome negative self talk and keep focused.

The Educational Performance Programme has been used in the deprived northeast of England, for example in Malet Lambert School, Hull, with great success, and I am looking to make it available in the areas around St. Albans and Luton in Hertfordshire. It’s a three-session group programme plan to build resilience and psychological skills for pupils. Get in touch to find out how it can help you pupils and take a lead in your area.

You can download a copy of the following Press Release as a PDF here

Exam Stress and Enhanced Performance Programme for Students

This programme is designed to help schools and their students enjoy even greater success, while actually reducing the pressure on them. Of course, calmer students makes for and easier life for teachers too. Specifically, the aims are to help staff meet or exceed staff performance targets, and to maintain the school’s edge in the leaguer tables in terms of improving student performance, by making students’ lives less stressful!

For many students, the exam period means facing their fears of failure and the prospect of not being able to retain weeks’ worth of revision. Experienced Hypnotherapist Richard Walker PhD, is looking to reproduce in Hertfordshire the successes in the northeast.

Stephen Logan, Business Champion at Malet Lambert School in Kingston upon Hull, said: “For many students, it isn’t just the anxiety or nerves at the time of the exam, but very often they worry for weeks and months ahead.

“The relaxation and focusing methods have helped our students to better understand how to prepare for an exam by learning new techniques.

“Helping students to overcome their anxiety grow in confidence and feel comfortable about exam conditions has added real value to our students and teaching staff.”

As Richard points out, “No one is hypnotised, and this isn’t magic, or trickery, but simple, concentration techniques which allow individuals to take better control of their emotional state to remain focused and confident under pressure.”

Richard has worked one to one with children over many years to help them overcome various problems. Over the past three years my colleague Sheila Granger has had great success working in schools and educational establishments, using a simple approach that develops students’ own mental abilities and skills to manage stress and create the basis for success.

The programme is delivered to small groups over three sessions, usually weekly, and fit typical school timetable periods of 50 to 55 mins. The first session is designed to identify and counter negative thoughts, backed up with a support CD. The second session primarily focuses on learning and rehearsing solid techniques that produce positive, confident states of mind. The third and final session mentally prepares the student for the specific challenge, usually the exam day.


CONTACT: For more information, please contact Richard Walker here.

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