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Stress Management and Relief with Hypnotherapy & NLP – Hertfordshire

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Time off due to stress at work is the big issue of our times. However, much as we may all benefit from an unscheduled day off work, stress is not something you want to let get out of control. Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can be very effective in stress management and relief.

Dealing with Stress at Work – Know the Symptoms

Stress management
Stress can result in a range of symptoms including for example anxiety, unable to focus on what you need to do, headaches, stomach problems, over-eating. It can be the origin of a range of health problems from the benign to the very serious.

Reducing Stress Levels and Stress Symptoms
Hypnotherapy and NLP can work in two ways to help in dealing with stress and reducing personal stress levels. The first way is to work on your personal response symptoms. For example, to bring down your heart rate or blood pressure, or relax your stomach, relax tension in muscles etc. Teaching you how to control negative thoughts is another great technique, especially for ‘what ifs’ like: ‘What if I can’t remember’; ‘What if I fail’; ‘what if I make a mistake’ etc.

This builds your resilience, and is a straightforward yet powerful stress management technique. These techniques are great for school children and easy to teach them too.

The second way is to help you change the way your go about things and the way you react to them. For example, if at work you feel you can’t say no to tasks, then you may take on more work than you can handle, leading to stress. Or maybe you feel you must not make mistakes, then we might work to resolve your unrealistic perfectionism. Or at home, if you feel you must be there all the time for your children, then you might exhaust yourself. In that case, we might for example work to help you see that not letting your children learn from their own mistakes may be undermining their self-confidence. What we are doing here is reducing your personal sensitivity to stress-provoking situations.

Working at this second, more fundamental level has a more far-reaching benefit as you can imagine, since the idea is to prevent stress from ever getting going. You might like to read my article on understanding stress if you’d like to know more.

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