No Smoking Day 7-Day Challenge & Free Hypnosis Session

NSD_ProudToBeAQuitterLOGOWednesday 11th March is No Smoking Day is promoted by the British Heart Foundation, and this year’s theme is ‘Proud to be a Quitter.’   This one of those exceptions in life where being a ‘quitter’ is a success story! – and we want to help you.

Richard says, “we know that with support, smokers are more likely to succeed in quitting.” That’s why in addition to holding public “QUITTER” events, he is also offering help to make this the day you commit to QUIT.

Sign up to his 7-DAY CHALLENGE to receive one supportive email each day, with challenges and tips to help you on your way to becoming a quitter. Follow its challenges, and you will have also done what you need to qualify for the competition to win a free hypnosis session to help you quit! There are also runners up prizes.



This what you need to do to enter:

1. Write down the time when you smoke each and EVERY cigarette, at the time, for five full days in a row.
2. Ask yourself ‘Why do I want to stop?’ ‘Why else?’ Write down your answers.
3. Imagine you had succeeded in becoming a non-smoker and then, looking back, ask yourself ‘How have I benefited, personally, having become a non-smoker?’ ‘How else?’ Write down your answers.
4. Collect the equivalent of 10p per cigarette saved each day for a month, as sponsorship, and a minimum of £50.
5. Send your answers to Richard, by email, and collect your sponsorship (at least £50). We need to see evidence of your sponsorship – see below. Closing date Fri 20 March. The winner will be chosen from the most suitable applicant and who provides the most sponsorship money. All proceeds to the BHF. Local business centre The Hot Office is also donating free office use for the winner’s session. Runners up prizes will also be awarded.

Hypnosis is increasingly being recognised as one effective way to help you quit. Recent client Rebecca, a 32 year old professional, said “It’s now been a week since our appointment. I have not once wanted to smoke, in fact I have not really thought about it at all. It’s only really been when people have asked me at work if I’m coming outside for a smoke that it has really come into my head and my response has been “don’t be silly, I don’t smoke”.

SPONSORSHIP  We need proof of your sponsorship. Go to Or contact Richard and send a cheque made out to British Heart Foundation, and we will send it on.

FURTHER SUPPORT Thanks to Maya at Maya’s healing hands for subsidising the marketing materials, giving up her time at the event in Dunstable, and for offering a free consultation, online support and Reiki treatment –see her Facebook post – to help overcome addiction. Maya stopped smoking herself using her Aloe Vera products. Get the free NHS support pack


THANKS Thanks to Richard Walker for providing the marketing materials, giving up his time at two events, and a free hypnosis session and other prizes. Karen Haynes, Therapist, for her active participation and invaluable help on both our live events. Thanks to The Hot Office serviced offices for providing free space to carry out the hypnosis session prize to help stop smoking.

The Cooperative Food store, Harpenden – for hosting our event on 7th March and the staff for contributing to the advertising materials.

BHF store Dunstable for hosting our event on 11 March

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