NLP Practitioner for Therapy, Coaching & Hypnosis – Harpenden, Hertfordshire


NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – is an effective way of working with your ‘hidden’ inner or unconscious mind to get results quickly, in the hands of a certified and experienced Practitioner.

You could describe NLP as coaching the unconscious mind, or ‘coaching from the inside out’. That means getting to that inner part of mind that stores and organises all your habits, behaviours, feelings and ways of thinking, as well as how to run your body and health.

It’s quite different from conventional coaching, like life coaching, where the coach works with you as you are – rather like teaching you ‘advanced driving’. By contrast, NLP inner coaching gets under the bonnet, and modifies your engine performance. NLP techniques are generally ‘hypnotic’ in the way they work, but are usually carried out very quickly, but equally long-lasting.

Did you ever watch Derren Brown or David  Blane on TV? They are using the same powerful techniques, but for entertainment – just like some use hypnosis for entertainment. In fact, even the famous telly hypnotist from my era, Paul McKenna, now uses NLP techniques which he learned from its co-creator, Richard Bandler, and has moved over to personal consultancy.

On stage with Richard Bandler, cocreator of NLPpresenting at the annual NLP conference
on stage with NLP co-creator Richard Bandler & presenting at the annual NLP conference

Overcome Life’s Challenges with Proven NLP Techniques 

Because NLP works from the inside out, directly with your unconscious mind’s workings, it means that I can use these techniques to overcome a pretty much any of life’s challenges that come your way, with long-lasting, sustainable results.

I specialise in using NLP coaching to resolve stress, anxiety  and create happiness in life; on the other side of the coin, depression too.  I have also helped lots of people overcome weight control problems, and with hypnosis for stopping smoking.

I am certified at Master Practitioner level by the ABNLP, probably the largest NLP certification body in the world. I am also a certified to train and certify others up to Master level.

NLP & Timeline Therapy

NLP coaches use these techniques with you to overcome problems and achieve results. Time Line Therapy techniquesTM are a particularly powerful set of well-developed NLP techniques.

NLP therapy techniques are a completely natural treatment, and you can get long lasting results very quickly compared to conventional methods, like counseling, psychotherapy and even CBT.  My personal view is that all therapies can get results in the right hands and with the right clients – and that’s the real trick: choosing the right match for you. You should certainly look for someone well-qualified (you can call their professional bodies), but one you can respect and get along with, as well as who knows what they are about and can dedicate enough time to you. A recommendation is a good start of course.

Typically my NLP / hypnotherapy session will consist of questions to clarify the problem you want to resolve, what you want to achieve. I will begin an analysis of what’s going on, and suggest a treatment/NLP coaching programme. Usually I’m done in three sessions or less.

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