Hypnotic Gastric Band Sponsored Weight Loss

How would you like to Beat the post-Xmas Bulge, save money and help poorly-off local school kids – all in one go? More than one third of us will take some four months to shift the extra weight we put on over Xmas. And that’s on top of where we started from! And you know your track record….so what can you do differently?

Here’s the idea. Sign up to commit to my four-part workshop based on hypnosis, which includes his new Hypnotic Gastric Band routine, and sponsor Level Trust £1 for every pound you lose in six weeks. That’s Pound  for Pound a great idea. And you’ll help Level Trust provide basic school essentials to children who can’t afford them – things like a warm coat, uniform, shoes and pencils and paper.


Some Facts

  • The average person puts on 4 pounds over Christmas and New Year
  • consumes twice their recommended calorie intake
  • Christmas Day is most fattening day when 1/3rd of us consume some 8,500 calories – up to four times the recommended daily intake
  • Boxing Day is the second most fattening and New Year’s Eve the third.

Hypnosis  Suggestions under hypnosis can be a very effective way of seeding new habits. Of course, people differ, and so some techniques motivate some more than others. That’s why I’ve added the idea of a hypnotic Gastric Band to my programme, as well as overcoming self-sabotage, resistance, snacking, clearing your plate and other common problems.

Hypnotic Gastric Band  Restricting your stomach size by surgically fitting a real Gastric Band is rather a drastic step. But what if you could simulate the effect under hypnosis – and feel satisfied with less food? Interesting? I’ve been successfully helping people get into healthy eating patterns for over fifteen years. To celebrate my new Gastric Band hypnosis routine I’m donating my time and expertise to help twelve lucky people fight the festive flab (or even “older” flab!).

How to get involved  You will need to commit to sponsoring Level Trust for £1 per one pound weight lost, and pay a nominal fee of £55 to cover costs of room hire etc. (any “profit” will be donated to Level Trust). For this you will join four workshops, held weekly on Monday evenings, starting 25 January.


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