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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss – Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Any of this sound familiar?

  • Constantly watching what you eat
  • Don’t enjoy food
  • Tried diets, or slimming aids but they were only short term at best
  • Exercise does not do it for you
  • Food has become the enemy?

satvaThese are precisely the kinds of things my clients have told me over the years, and beforehand they definitely wondered how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help with weight loss. And actually, it’s exactly the kind of thing that a good, experienced and qualified hypnotherapist will enjoy helping to resolve with you.


You’ve most probably heard about the surgical application of a gastric band to restrict your stomach capacity. But it’s a drastic step, with real risks. But what if we used hypnosis to suggest an imagined gastric band – and feel satisfied with less food, naturally? Interesting? Read more about using the Hypnotic Gastric Band for Slimming


Whereas dieting might once have been an occasional special effort, like getting in trim for summer or a special event, now it’s an official continuing national concern. It affects us all – across gender and all ages. We are even scrutinising primary school-children’s weight!

Yet dieting and willpower will most likely fail; it’s a well-documented fact. Slimming clubs have got better, but it’s all too easy to fall off the wagon once you leave the group – and probably not for the first time either.  Maybe you have tried various gimmicks, food replacements, special meals and trendy weight loss remedies. They may work in the short term at best, but they aren’t a healthy long term option. And worst of all, far too often the weight will come back with a vengeance. Familiar?

The last thing the slimming industry wants is for you to find a sustainable solution. Because your continuing failure is their successful business! And now science is revealing evidence of how metabolism can be adversely affected by the cycle of dieting, further adding to the problem; like a kind of “fat switch” has been flicked over the wrong way. Of course, we are beginning to hear new advice on what to eat – the over-focus on fats being the threat was misplaced, for example.

Using Hypnosis to Lose Weight & Slimming

So what can you do? The truth is, there’s no magic answer. But that’s not to say there is no alternative.  And the good news is that Hypnosis is probably the natural therapy for weight loss and keeping control of your weight long term. I say because if you mind is not in the right place, how can you hope to keep it going?

Here’s the question then; what if you could harness your subconscious mind? Bring on board that part of your mind that otherwise seems programmed to undermine you? The part of you that also controls your metabolism. That’s where hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help with healthy eating, losing weight and slimming down.

How does it work?

Hypnosis is not a magic pill; I combine it with a therapy techniques, which is why we call it hypnotherapy. Some people have just lost their way a little in recent years, and these may be easily resolved in a few sessions or less. The majority of my successful clients have struggled with their weight for many years, and don’t have a good relationship with food. But  food is your source of nutrients and energy, and is there to be fully appreciated. That’s the aim of the therapy.

Usually I see people over three longish sessions for this kind of work. The starting point is a short one-hour interview, where I gather on overview of the facts, and learn important things about what motivates you deep down. I then propose a treatment programme for you. But if you can’t wait, or want to check it all out first, you can get access right now to my hypnosis audios, guides and coaching on how to use them at enddieting.co.uk.

What can I expect?

Hypnosis has been around much longer than calorie counting, dating back to the 1700’s – and beyond to ancient tribes and healers.  Hypnosis is really a guided meditation, which allows you to relax and focus inwards, to turn away from the conscious chattering mind. In this state, you can allow appropriate, beneficial ideas and suggestions to filter through into your subconscious, to form a lasting impression there – like a memory. Hypnotic language is, at its best, persuasively constructed language and ideas. This is the key to the power of suggestion to motivate you to change you eating patterns (or even to increase metabolism).

Want to know more? See my blog posts 7 Steps to Slimming with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and the Hypnotic Gastric Band for Slimming. You can also get instant access – right now – to my coaching programme using hypnosis at enddieting.co.uk

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