Hypnotherapy Treatment by Qualified Hypnotherapist in Harpenden, Hertfordshire 

Want solutions fast and looking for Hypnotherapy Treatment by a Qualified Hypnotherapist near Harpenden, Hertfordshire?

Well, you have arrived in the right place.  I’m Richard Walker and I have some 16 years experience, and I’m certified by the very best, fully insured, have DBS clearance and belong to three major worldwide professional overseeing organisations. I’m also registered to teach and certify new Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners to the highest levels.  

What is Hypnotherapy & How Can Hypnosis Benefit You?

Hypnotherapy means using hypnosis techniques to treat various problems, which concern your health, your behaviours or your feelings and reactions. I specialise in stress, anxiety and happiness in life; and on the other side of the coin, depression.  I have also helped lots of people overcome weight control problems and of course smoking.  Here’s a longer list of the kinds of things we use hypnotherapy for. Whatever the problem, it’s seldom as bad as you might think, and I usually get a result within a matter of a few sessions – with your commitment.

The benefits of using hypnotherapy techniques are that it is a completely natural treatment, and you can get long lasting results very quickly compared to conventional methods, like counseling, psychotherapy and even CBT.  My personal view is that all therapies have their applications, but the real trick is working with the right one for you, and with the right therapist – one you can respect and get along with, as well as who knows what they are about and can dedicate enough time to you.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Typically a first consultation in my NLP / hypnotherapy sessions will consist of questions to clarify the problem you want to resolve, what’s been happening, and what you will experience in practice as a result. In other words, what difference it will make in practice. I will begin an analysis of what’s going on, and suggest a treatment/NLP coaching programme. Usually I’ll propose a treatment plan of no more than three sessions; sometimes less.

It may be important to check that relevant or appropriate medical examinations have been carried out.

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