Business Terms & Conditions


I aim to offer all my clients a high quality, professional service. Please help me do by observing the following booking conditions.

Your responsibilities:  Subject to an initial assessment, and to the conditions listed below, I will offer to work with you to achieve your outcome, as agreed together. I will propose a treatment plan, although I cannot guarantee outcomes, as ultimately the responsibility for change is yours. Naturally, not following instructions may undermine achieving a successful outcome. Hence it is important to

  • follow instructions given before, during and after treatment
  • inform me of possibly significant issues
  • follow treatment through to its full course
  • inform me of relevant issues arising within one week of previous session
  • note that tasks, where assigned, form an integral part of the treatment, including prescribed timescales for completion
  • test the work carried out as requested.

Please note that, whilst not a requirement for therapy, the work may bring up unpleasant emotions and feelings. You accept responsibility for this and any consequences.

Consultation session: The first session is for 55 mins, for which the fee payable is £99 in Harpenden or £135 in Mayfair.

Treatment programme:  Investment for therapy and estimated number of sessions will be discussed at your first appointment. Fees are not charged on an hourly basis. It is usual to pay for the full therapy programme upfront as it helps secure your commitment to the treatment, not least because the process may reveal hidden or unconscious resistance. However, I appreciate that sometimes this may not be financially viable and a more suitable payment plan for you can be arranged.

Prices and sessions: My standard treatment programme is consists of three sessions of approximately 115 mins each, plus a 55minute follow-up as appropriate, although shorter or longer  programmes may sometimes be recommended. If the work is completed in less time, the investment is the same. No refunds will be issued if you decide to terminate once therapy has already commenced. I do understand that life can get in the way and I will undertake to hold your therapy open for a maximum of 12 months from commencement; however I don’t recommend this because it reduces the efficiency of the therapy.

Support programmes: Many clients like to have some follow-on support package, which includes four x 1.5 hour sessions, up to four x 15 minute phonecalls, and on-line coaching as required. This package is priced at a reduced rate.

Payment:  Payment can be via cash, credit card or bank transfer. A surcharge of 3% will be added to payments made by cards. Please go to

Cancellation & late arrival:  At least 72 hours notice is required to make a cancellation without charge. I reserve the right to charge half my session fee if less than 72 hours notice, and my full fee for less than 24 hours notice. If you are more than 5 minutes late, it is unlikely that we I will be able to extend the session accordingly. Full charges apply

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