6 Steps to Slimming with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

6 Steps to Slimming with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has been around much longer than calorie counting, dating back to the 1700’s – and beyond to ancient tribes and healers.  Hypnosis is really a guided meditation, which allows you to relax and focus inwards, to turn away from the conscious chattering mind. In this state, you can allow appropriate, beneficial ideas and suggestions to filter through into your subconscious, to form a lasting impression there – like a memory. Hypnotic language is, at its best, persuasively constructed language and ideas. This is the key to the power of suggestion to motivate you to change you eating patterns (or even to increase metabolism).

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Step 1:  Set a Strong and Clear Goal

The single most important step is get absolutely clear on what you goal is. And it should NOT be about weight. It might be “lighter on my feet” walking or playing sport; or slimmer in jeans and a T-shirt. Get the POSITIVE result (and forget about weight). This is something to think about and write down. Now, here’s a secret that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. You need to ask yourself, “why bother”? Seriously. Go out into the future, to where you have achieved your new size and figure, and ask, what does this make possible for me going forward? It needs to have strong and positive feelings too – so find them and really get into them. Determine what you would like to come out of this hypnosis process, what weight would you love to be in an ongoing way? Write this down too. These two features of your goal you should really obsess over. They are crucial steps in helping you to succeed and focus the unconscious mind using the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy for slimming and weight control.

Step 2:  Face the Facts

Don’t kid yourself or hide from the truth of your current habits. You have to face the facts before you can turn things around. For seven consecutive days, write down everything that you eat and drink, at the actual time. Also, note how hungry you are on a scale from 0-10 as well as your emotional state and thoughts. Emotional state means feelings, like bored, stressed, relaxed, anxious. It is essential that you complete record with no omissions. If you don’t, then you know that you are not putting in 100% commitment. No excuses.

Now, I am going to give you the stripped down guide here. The core messages. Of course, many of us prefer to be guided through something like this, because otherwise we may wander off-course. Or miss a key point of detail. And you would like to try out hypnosis for yourself to really get things moving. If that’s you, you might like to find out about my Weight Loss with Hypnosis and The Hypnotic Gastric Band programme. The free CD is on my website at

Step 3:  Create your Personal Mantra

Based on the facts you found, did you find you snack? Or eat things you shouldn’t, like sweet or sickly or processed junk? Or too much? Create suggestions like “I choose to eat fresh, healthy, nutritious food”. You can be specific, about fresh vegetables and salad. Or “I have no desire to snack; now desire to snack on (crisps/sweets/cakes/bread/etc).” Or “It is my choice to eat the right amount of healthy, nutritious food”. Construct your own, but note that they must be constructed in the present tense and must be positive actions (with the exception of the “no desire to snack” mantra). You can use a combination of any or all three, and repeat these suggestions like “mantras”, and certainly in your hypnosis sessions.

Step 4:  Relax!

For most, slimming seems like impossibly hard work but with hypnosis the best results come when you relax and allow your unconscious mind to do the work, not your body.  Commit to relax and you can create the body you want. Get my free anti-stress CD to help if you need it.

Step 5:  Visualisation with Hypnosis

Did you know that the subconscious is a real sucker for “pictures”? And feelings and emotions. Maybe you’re one of those amongst us who think you can’t visualize. Let me just ask you, do you know what your TV looks like? Your car? Right – however you did that, is your personal way to visualize. Simple.  So, imagine you goal in the future, and also, how GOOD it feels. Get that picture, no matter how fuzzy, and really pay attention to the great thoughts and feelings. Experiment with making the picture bigger, or brighter, or nearer; add sounds; do whatever makes it most compelling and feeling great. Repeat your “mantras”; together this will reprogramme your thoughts and behaviours, and counter old negative feelings.hypnoticgastricbandv5
Step 6:  Be Persistent

To succeed you must commit to action. You can’t just think about it – you have to follow through and do it.  Schedule and block time in your calendar for your hypnotherapy sessions.  Make them as much a priority as brushing your teeth or shaving or going to work.  It takes effort and time but it’s worth it.

Consistency and persistence are what it takes to achieve any goal in life. Persistence and repetition is also what helps you wear down and overcome any inner resistance or self-sabotage. Of course, this is precisely what a skilled and well-trained professional hypnotherapist should help you overcome more quickly in a one-to-one treatment plan. Just as such resistance fundamentally is no more substantial than a memory,  so it is that it can be “unlearned” in perhaps only a few sessions …so stick with it.

Everyone has within us already the power to achieve great results.  Hypnotherapy and hypnosis will bring you the results you desire, want and need.  Today is your day.  The hardest part is to start.  Make this your day and being one step closer to your desires.  If you want me to guide you why not

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