Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Harpenden, Herts Hertfordshire for Stress & Anxiety Treatment

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • anxious
  • stressed
  • losing focus
  • feeling unfilled
  • snappy and irritable
  • disturbed and no longer sure what you want
  • your confidence is being sapped
  • losing momentum and energy
  • nagging health or physical problems
  • concerned about the impact on your health and family?

Are you willing to consider treatment using hypnosis / hypnotherapy in Harpenden, Herts Hertfordshire or London?  Hypnotherapy including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques are generally brief yet effective and long lasting solutions.

Sherlock Holmes style, I’m best at getting to the root of a problem quickly. It’s my science background and analytical mind.

How it works and what happens

Most problems boil down to some kind of stress and anxiety which I have helped resolve many times. I also have long experience of resolving weight problems, and stopping smoking.

I’m certified by the very best, with over 16 years experience, fully insured, have DBS clearance and belong to three major worldwide professional overseeing organisations. I’m also registered to teach and certify new Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners to the highest levels. The bottom line though is to choose someone you can work with and trust.

Treatment rooms in Harpenden Hertfordshire, London Mayfair and on the south coast at Bournemouth.  

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